Expert Medical Opinion

Our Expert Medical Opinion service enables your members to get an expert second opinion on their diagnosis or treatment plan. Members benefit profoundly from the reassurance that they are getting the right care.

Your members may have had conflicting opinions from doctors or require reassurance that their treatment plan is in keeping with the best practice and clinical evidence.

How our service works
  • One of our experienced GPs will have an in-depth consultation with the member to fully understand their concerns and medical history.
  • A detailed Case Summary is formulated and passed to a leading specialty-matched expert either in the UK or abroad for their expert opinion.
  • The expert reviews the Case Summary and answers the member’s questions in an easy-to-understand report
  • Our GP reviews the report with the member and addresses any additional questions.
  • We highly recommend members share the report with their treating doctor.


Key features
  • Our unrivalled network of UK and Global experts is 50,000 +
  • Access to 450+ specialties & subspecialties of medicine.
  • Focuses on clinical quality and medical accuracy, so members confidently make informed medical decisions.
  • Helps members navigate the process by gathering medical records, retesting pathology, and selecting leading experts to conduct in-depth reviews of each case.


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