Child Assessments & Parenting Consultations

Emotional disorders, particularly anxiety and depression, are on the rise in young people. We are aware of the negative impact of social media on young people’s emotional health and the long-term impact of the pandemic, inability to access school, isolation, and stress that young people have experienced over the past two years.

Our Child Assessment & Parental Consultations are a unique offering in Telehealth providing immediate support to children and their families. Family members are able to express and explore difficult thoughts and emotions safely. Tailored support on treatment, resources, and self-help management is provided. 

How our service works

For children over 10 years old

  • Children and young people are supported with a single 90-minute assessment with a specialist psychologist during which they will obtain a systemic formulation of their mental health needs.

For children under 10 years old

It is unlikely that children under 10 years old would be able to engage with a telephone consultation. Instead, parents can be supported with a Parent Consultation which might include:

  • Behavioural techniques
  • Support to gain a better psychological understanding of their child`s perspective
  • Information on how to navigate the mental health system

At the start and end of the session, the clinician will ask to speak with the parent/guardian. Feedback on formulation and/or recommendations are passed on both verbally and in a written report.